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Vital is a Virtual Yoga Studio

Raven Detiege is a humble yet outgoing person whose character bridges the gap between an introvert and an extrovert. Apart from being a lover of philosophy, Raven Detiege is a yoga instructor whose motivation is steeped in deep personal experience. A certified 200 hours yoga Ayurveda and meditation teacher, Raven is uniquely qualified to provide real tangible results for her students who seek to develop body awareness and to understand the connection between their minds and bodies. 

Practice Yoga
Anytime, Anywhere.

Raven credits her successful path today to her need to always be compassionate towards others alongside being more authentic to herself. Through her works, Raven aims to change the lives of her yoga students simply by teaching them how to obtain inner peace while at the same time keeping them physically in shape. She purposes to positively do so through her passionate and intense teachings. This beginner yoga instructor who has been in practice for the past five years definitely seeks to impart her knowledge to all her students in order for them to grow and develop even as she learns ways to better both herself and her practice. Her favorite yoga styles include Gentle flow, Kundalini, Hatha, Kemetic,

Yin, and Restorative 

Outer Beauty, Inner Calm

The world we face today is filled with many uncanny negative energies that can attack our soul and damage it. Each of us has soul wounds that need healing. These are our deepest core issues. We may perceive our soul scars as a curse or a challenge for growth and transformation. Being our primary source of experience and knowledge, the soul directs our actions, dictates our thoughts, and shapes our emotions. Soul care is possibly the most vital aspect of a person's existence. The soul is powered and reinforced by a universal force that can regenerate and heal itself and our world if we allow it. However, we need to perform certain techniques to stimulate this healing power. Over time, numerous methods have been developed to heal the inner soul, including yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda.

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