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Introduction to Aura Reading What is Aura?

What is its reading? How does it help you? Many things pop up in your mind when you hear about it. Today we will address all those curiosities. Aura, in logical terms, is a multi-layered magnetic field around every being. This magnetic field is low in intensity when we measure it, but it does have a very strong influence on living beings within its circle. The multi-layers we talked about, which constitute the aura layers, correlate with various human emotions. Its shape, color thickness, and various other properties vary based on how our emotions change. The Aura reading is significant in helping one keep a tap on one’s emotions. Knowing one’s aura gives them a head-up on where they should work emotionally and physiologically. This helps them to get it all balanced. In this world where everybody is wrapped in modernization, it becomes hard to stay physically, mentally, or spiritually balanced. As life takes its stroll, things tremble within ourselves, and our aura gets altered.

Take Away

The aura gives us visual cues so we can stay one step ahead to put a halt to the reasons that are causing the negative fluctuations. Aura Reading is a practice of reading one’s aura and giving them suggestions and advice based on their reading to improve the same. When one’s chakra is not aligned, or any blockage of energy flows within, it gets reflected on one’s aura. As the aura works in correlation with one’s emotions and energy signature, it gives us accurate readings to help us align our chakras and unblock the energy flow. Now that we have looked into what exactly Aura is and its reading let’s figure out how each layer of the aura reflects. So basically, the aura rings or layers are multicolored, with each color representing each emotion and personality trait of a person. The greater intensity of a particular color layer tells you that a particular trait or emotion is dominant in that person.

Here are some visual cues and color codes for you to understand in practice.

1. Red - Well Grounded, Humble, Energetic, Determined

2. Orange - Adventurous, Sensitive, Thoughtful, and Considerate

3. Yellow - Relaxed, Frank, Friendly, Social, Relaxed

4. Green - Social, Curious, Influencing, Communicator

5. Blue - Spiritual, Philosopher, Intuitive, Freethinker, Dreamer

6. Indigo - Divine, Curious, Overwhelmed

7. Violet - Wise, Sharp, Intelligent, Analytical, and Independent

As you can see above, these colors in the aura visual give you an idea about what a person is more about or what a particular person is more dominant to. With Aura Reading, the person can dissect one’s emotional and spiritual plane to understand if it’s well connected to its correlating physical form. Apart from their color representations, the layers also have a different meanings.

Let’s look at what each layer means


This layer deals with our physical form and is less intensive when we are awake but amplifies when we rest as we switch to the subconscious.


This layer reflects one’s sensitive side, the self-love side. Improving the intensity of this layer provides us with self-consciousness and inner growth.

Lower Mental:

One’s reasoning and self-explanatory skills correlate with this layer. It deals with your thought process and patterns, helping you evolve on an intellectual plane.

Higher Mental:

This layer deals with your connection with your other beloveds. This bridges the gap between your Astral and Social planes.


This layer deals with your ability to spread the information, wisdom, and knowledge helping others evolve as a part of community growth. The core humanity tends to share information, and this layer deals with practices that involve sharing the divine principle of wisdom sharing.


Your sudden instincts to perceive data through your sense organs correlate with this layer. The Intuitional layer deals with one’s sudden natural reflex and perception, interpretation, and reaction.


This layer glues all other layers to maintain the perfect balance. The Absolute layers become weak when the chakras are not well aligned and when the energy blocks are massive in an individual.


The aura reading thus serves as a monitoring system and helps us implement the golden rule of “Prevention is better than cure.” When you often keep track of your Aura, you get a heads-up on imbalances in your aural layers, and before it manifests into the physical form, you can follow practices that can balance it for you. Aural readings are powerful, and it is an active practice of modern spiritual science. Various spiritual scholars and researchers have Aural reading as a major component in their research. At an individual level, it helps one reset their energy levels back to the default, unlocking one’s greater potential.

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